The following story was written by one of our learners:

My name is Sofia and I work at the Karma Café. I am also the owner. I have four employees – a cook, two waitresses and a handyman. The cooks name is Max and the waitresses’ names are Sam and Leslie, and Oliver is the handyman. They are so good and fun to work with. They have worked at Karma Café for seven years. That’s as long as we’ve been open.

Every day is so different. Sometimes it is so busy and sometimes it is so slow, but we always have something to do. Sam cleans the windows and Leslie cleans the coffee filters, while Oliver and Max are smoking outside. But when we are busy, they don’t have time to even go outside.

One day an old friend asked me if I could change the name of the café. I asked him, “Why you don’t like it?” He said, “Who suggested Karma Café?” I answered, “It was my idea, because the name says it all, Karma means your action whether good or bad will come back to you.” Max, the cook, is from India and he also believes in Karma. I don’t want to change the name because I’m happy with it and also the customers like it too.

Oliver, the handyman, is from Mexico. Oliver just likes the coffee. He is a very quiet and easy going person.

Everyone at Karma Café is so fun to work with. I just love them. Thanks to Max, Oliver, Sam and Leslie, Karma Café has good vibes. It is a place where everyone can enjoy a good cup of coffee and have some lunch.